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Joan's Publications

During Joan Roth’s career, she published two seminal books that changed the course of history.  Additionally, her photographs were in several photographic essays and projects, and she wrote and published articles and cover photos for magazines. Below is a sampling of her work.

Jewish Women:  A World of Tradition and Change, 1995

This stunning photographic essay is the result of Joan Roth's daring journey into disappearing Jewish communities throughout the world. A woman traveling alone - with meager funds and without knowing in advance whom she would meet - Roth uncovers an astonishing array of women. Filled with feeling, the more than two hundred images published here radiate a powerful and unique portrait of Jewish women. Roth richly depicts both the personal and historical dimensions of these women as they persevere and adapt centuries-old traditions amid varied cultural surroundings. The countries included in the publication are Ethiopia, Bukara, Ukraine, India, Yemen, Morocco,  Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Israel. 


Shopping Bag Ladies of New York: A Photographic Essay by Joan Roth 1982 They live and die in doorways on street corners, and in train stations. Most people turn their heads when they pass.  New York City’s shopping bag ladies are America’s “untouchables.” They store their lives in the shopping bags they carry everywhere.  Where do they come from? How do they survive? Shopping Bag Ladies of New York answers these questions.  It takes you in vivid words and pictures on a tour of the underground world of the shopping bag lady. You experience the tragedy, desolation, and bizarre humor of this group.  


Ms. Magazine, article “New York City’s Shopping Bag Ladies Tell What It’s Like to Live on the Streets of New York”, March 1977

Highlights of Photographs Featured in Publications:


The Rose Family Haggadah,  2015 - photos included in a series of unique books featuring over sixty years of Passover-themed artworks from some of the most prominent artists of the twentieth century, New York Public Library in New York City.


UNIFEM in Beijing & Beyond: Celebrating the Fourth World Conference on Women, United Nations Development Fund for Women, 1995 - Photographs by Joan Roth


Lilith Magazine Photo Covers and Articles


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